Spring - Slump Free Zone!

Are you in a slump?  They happen, even to the most motivated.  When any routine becomes rote, boredom inevitably sets in and motivation tanks.   To combat the slump don’t be afraid of shaking things up a bit or a lot.  Often the body will respond in a favourable manner. You’ll tone muscles that weren’t being used in your regular “on the ball” routine. Sometimes the body will respond by starting to shed some of the fat stores it had been lulled into holding.  To jump start that process try incorporating a new way of eating.  

When slumps hit perhaps its because many of your workouts are spent alone. Try a group class.  Get your friends together and hit up one of TM Training and Nutrition’s classes.  When you can workout, laugh and have quality time with friends there is no way you’d have to muster up motivation.  You’ll crave those workouts.      

Blog brought to you by:  Teresa (Misty) Mozejko, TM Training and Nutrition, 905-425-WELL, tm@tmtraining.ca