When you think of dancing, what comes to mind?
Do you envision repetitive movements at the barre?
A Broadway show?
The Tango?
A brilliant mind…”The dancer is the body, the dance is the mind, dancing is a chiasm (a crossing or intersection)”(Merleau-Ponty).
Regardless of what style of dance comes to mind, dance at Prima Dance Academy is an art form that offers an education, a physical awareness and multiple intelligences:

 Dancers call on all intelligence to truly reveal their art.

When one chooses to dedicate themselves to an education in dance they tap into a myriad of problem solving techniques. Whether they are 2 or 82 years old. They call on their bodies to synchronize with their minds-kinesthetically, musically, spatially, emotionally…the list includes a lot of “-allys”. Whether you are a visual, auditory or kinesthetic learner-dance utilizes all three. The result–a thinking dancer.

The coined term “a thinking dancer” is a relatively new concept in the dance world. Not all dance studios reflect this concept to their dancers. Sure dance is physical, yes it is “artistic”–but to process studied movement, emotion and connection with the art that is dance, is a much different paradigm.

Think about dance…and if you listen to this song, your mind and body will not be able to not dance:

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