All 4,800 Victory Bouquets, which were given out at the Olympic and Paralympic Games, were made at the time of the Games with the help of floristry students from across the country. The Schools involved were Writtle College in Essex, Adult Education College Bexley in Kent and Kingston Maurward College in Dorset.

The Bouquets consist of the following British-grown components: Flowers  3 x Illios roses (yellow)  3 x Marie Claire roses (orange)  3 x Wimbledon roses (green)  3 x Aqua roses (pink) Herbs & Wheat  10 x rosemary  10 x apple mint  10 x wheat  60 x lavender No UK grower was currently producing roses for commercial use, so they had commissioned the growing of the roses in the design specifically for this project. The variety of rose used needed to be proven to be robust and long lasting with a history of successful cultivation. Foliage. They had chosen British grown herbs, lavender, apple mint and rosemary. These provide an eclectic fragrance which is important to enhance the ‘moment’ of triumph for the athlete without causing an allergic reaction which some heavily scented flowers often do. Along with these herbs, they included wheat, a source of energy, to reflect the ‘energy lines’ of the London 2012 theme that has been an influence throughout the design process.

Design Brief The International Olympic Committee set out the following criteria for the bouquet design:  A size of 20cm x 25cm  British grown flowers  Strong visual impact with vibrant colours  Needs to be fragrant  Reflect the energy of London 2012  Hardy varieties that will withstand varying temperatures and handling by non–experts. Design Details  The bouquet is designed to reflect the Olympics logo, with four separate quadrants echoing the four digits of 2012 in the logo design.  The bouquet shape is pointed, not domed, so that the flowers can be seen when the medal winners hold the bouquets up.  There should be well-defined lines of herbs and wheat.  When wrapping the ribbon around the bouquet, two ‘London 2012′ logos should be visible.







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