5 Habits for Consistent & Lasting Fat Loss

There is so much diet and weight loss advice out there. It’s overwhelming and conflicting. Losing fat to improve your health should feel like a life sentence.

Implement these 5 habits…one at a time so you can consistently lose fat, feel happy, content and not always be obsessing about food and your next meal.

 Habit # 1: EAT REAL FOOD – cutting back too much on calories will bring your fat loss efforts to a screeching halt! Each meal should consist of a lean protein the size of your palm and thickness of your hand plus a fistful of a green vegetables and about 1 tablespoon of your favorite fat.

Habit # 2: MOVE MORE – walking the dog or walking in the mall doesn’t count toward exercise. Research shows that you need to accumulate 150 minutes of moderate to intense exercise per week. That’s 30 minutes 5 times per week. If you have scheduling issues break those 30 minutes down into 10 minute high intensity work outs.

Habit # 3: HYDRATE – thirst masks itself as hunger. If you dehydrated your body sends you a signal to eat food but what it really wants is fluids. Drinking 8 – 12 glasses of water per day helps you to retain less water, improves your elimination system and keeps your cells plump like grapes so they are effective fat burning machines.

Habit # 4: BE MINDFUL – shut off the TV, turn the phone on silent, shut off the computer. Take a few slow, deep breathes prior to eating. When you unplug before eating you are more conscious of what and how much you consume. Eat with awareness. Your digestion will thank you for it, you will enjoy your food more and feel more satisfied afterward.

Habit # 5: GET QUALITY SLEEP – research shows that lack of sleep or interrupted sleep affects the hunger hormones including leptin. When your leptin levels are low your brain doesn’t get the message that you are full and fat burning is next to impossible. Research shows that you need 7 hours of quality sleep to regulate fat loss and hunger hormones

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