Accessories – Adding Special Touches in Your Home

Most people find accessorizing very challenging and frustrating. They go into a store & select something that they love in the store but when they get it home it just doesn’t “fit” with the room. I always work with the adage that “Less is More” especially when it comes to accessories. It is very easy to over accessorize your home & it just doesn’t feel or look the way that you intended. Special pieces that have meaning to you and your family always add that etra touch & feel to your room -reflecting your family’s personality. Do make sure that you select items that are unique, have interest, texture and that you feel will compliment the look you are trying to achieve.

Some points to help you with accessorizing your home:

  •  Do you have a lamp that is dated but you still like the base? Why not consider purchasing a new lamp shade in an updated shape or colouration? Solid lamps with a splash of a graphic can totally transform your own lamp.
  • If you are not sure- but love the piece(s) why not purchase them, bring them home to see how they look in the room – if you love the way it adds to the room then keep it – if not go ahead and return it.
  • If you need ideas for accessorizing – why not look at magazines, browse stores & watch your fave decorating show for inspiration. Decorating a room is like putting together pcs of a puzzle – using accessories are one of the last pcs – very important pcs that do pull the room together and complete your vision of your room.
  •  There are so many types of accessories – pillows, afghans, artwork, wrought iron work, special touches for tables, mantels & bookshelves etc. It is difficult and very over whelming to decide what to select and where to put it. 
  • Old books are a favorite accessory of mine – they add interest & character to any room – in any theme.
  • Same with old family photos – just love using them in unique frames – just adds that special touch.
  • I encourage my clients to use special pieces that they have that mean something to them. We build on those pcs and look for accessories that will finish the room with the personality of their family. After we decide what pcs we will use we will begin looking at where we can place them & then decide what we need to purchase. That way we have a plan when we go shopping.

My goal is to ensure that my clients are surrounded with rooms filled with furniture & accessories that they love. I hope that this has inspired you to take a look at your accessories around your home.

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