April is National Oral Health Month!

Let’s be honest… life can be hectic!  While indulging in everyday life, it can be easy to forget about scheduling routine appointments.  Whether it be your eye doctor, your family doctor or your dentist, sometimes these things get away from us.  With Oral Health Month upon us, it’s a good reminder to ask yourself if you are up to date with your oral checkups.   

Fact:  Routine dental exams assist with maintaining oral health, but overall health too!

Your dentist will look for damaged or decayed teeth, gum conditions, signs of bleeding or inflammation, dry mouth or sores, and any area appearing suspicious or abnormal.  The review of these areas will allow proper indication of the patients’ oral health, but also allow for assisted diagnosis of things you may not think of.  Some of the non-dental diseases your dentist can help detect include:  diabetes, sexually transmitted diseases (STD), heart disease and numerous types of cancerous conditions.

Life can be hectic… but why not take the time out of busy schedules to ensure your good health!

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