ARNICA…Don’t leave home without it!

ARNICA…Don’t leave home without it!

As summer approaches, we find ourselves becoming more active in our work and play. Lawn care, gardening, outdoor activity and sport all bring an increased risk of injury. Armed with arnica, you can quickly and effectively deal with first aid situations.

Arnica Montana is the most popular and commonly used homeopathic remedy in the world due to its amazing ability to heal soft tissue. Arnica is useful whenever there is trauma or injury. It decreases bleeding, bruising and swelling. By reducing pain, shock and recovery time the degree of an injury is minimized.

  • Falls: For slips, tumbles and falls. Toddlers tend to need Arnica frequently!
  • Blows: Bumps, goose eggs, black eyes and concussions all improve with Arnica. Essential on the sidelines of the soccer or baseball field.
  • Muscle strain: Aches from gardening and post workout soreness are dissolved with Arnica.
  • Cuts:  From small scrapes and nose bleeds to serious hemorrhage, Arnica staunches bleeding effectively.
  • Sprains: If you have ever twisted your ankle, you will understand the ‘as if bruised’ sensation which responds very well to this remedy.
  • Surgery: Arnica is an excellent post-surgical remedy.
  • Shock:  Often with severe injury a patient will refuse help or touch stating, ‘I am fine’.  Arnica is helpful in this scenario to start the physical healing and restore calm until appropriate medical attention is found.

Homeopathic remedies can be safely used on people of all ages. Arnica 30CH is readily available at health food stores.  Be active and feel safe with the healing power of Arnica on hand!

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