Baldwin & Winchester Update

Another community update brought to you by the

At Home in Brooklin team!

 As the signs on the fences will tell you, Stockworth Developments is redeveloping the corner of Baldwin Street and Winchester Road.  Over the next couple of months you’ll see the various phases come to life and fill our community with some awesome retail spaces!

I’m excited to share with you that upon the completion of Phase 1 of the below diagram, Brooklin will be home to the following retail shops:

Directly on Baldwin Street:

  • Interior Decorator
  • An independent Pub (meaning not a chain)

Directly Winchester, across from Brooklin Towne Center Plaza:

  • Coffee Culture
  • Appletree Daycare
  • Little Caesars Pizza
  • Nail Salon

The expectation right now is for Phase 1 development will be handed over to tenant’s end of April early may, with the hope that shops will open their doors to the public as soon as possible after that! Check back with At Home in Brooklin to hear more about this development and other infrastructure and development projects in Brooklin!



  1. Thanks to At Home In Brooklin for sharing this! A Brooklin Pub, coffee culture, lots of exciting developments in Brooklin.

  2. nice!

  3. Julie Kirner says:

    cool! thanks for sharing!

  4. Tanya Moore says:

    Yay to pub and coffee! But pizza and nails? How many more of those do we need in Brooklin?

  5. Pub and coffee good. Nails? How many spas and nail boutiques does one town need? Pizza not necessary either. I sure hope we won’t see any more hair salons or yoga studios.

  6. What will be going next to the nail salon, on the corner. Do we know yet? How about Yankee Candle, Home Deocor and antiques. A gift store setting.

  7. selvaa says:

    Yes we need a pub in brooklin.
    Can’t wait