Bug Season

It is wonderful to be outdoors except when the mosquitos, black flies, deerflies, no-seeums etc. strike! Deet products without a doubt work well against these flying critters but they also work against our bodies. Deet is a very toxic chemical and it is best to be avoided at all costs. (At worst spray them on [...]


Cool down summer with Dr. Snider’s Ice-pop Recipe!

Summer is here and it sure can get hot out there!  While running around with the kids in the backyard or grabbing a quick treat for the hot car ride ahead, popsicles and freezies can be a favorite grab and go cool-down treat on a scorching, hot summer day.  Dr. Snider cautions that although quenching [...]


Night Guards

It’s easy to be skeptical when it comes to the diagnosis of needing a night guard.  After all, the majority of patients are grinding or clenching their teeth in their sleep.   So what are the signs?  Often we note that the patient’s teeth may appear flat and worn down.  If excessive ware has taken [...]


ARNICA…Don’t leave home without it!

ARNICA…Don’t leave home without it! As summer approaches, we find ourselves becoming more active in our work and play. Lawn care, gardening, outdoor activity and sport all bring an increased risk of injury. Armed with arnica, you can quickly and effectively deal with first aid situations. Arnica Montana is the most popular and commonly used [...]


Your Child’s 1st Dental Visit

When Should You Start?  Knowing when to take your child for their first dental visit can be a challenge.  Are they ready?  Will they co-operate?  They don’t have more than two teeth yet!  There are so many thoughts to be had. At our office, the rule of thumb is the sooner the better.  Generally speaking, [...]


Life with Fabric Softeners…..

Our modern living has created these so called “convenient” products and marketing has been extremely successful in convincing us that we need them desperately.  One such item is fabric softeners with their concoction of chemicals….from benzyl/ethyl acetate, chloroform, ethanol, pentane, a-terpineol, and on and on.  Many of the chemicals found are neurotoxins, carcinogens and can [...]


Keeping Kids Healthy with Homeopathy

Kids get sick. Illness is part of a normal, healthy childhood! How we support children through sickness can enhance their growing immune systems. Good, strong bodies develop with the ‘flexing’ of immune system ‘muscles’ and homeopathy supports this process beautifully. We do our best to ensure our children get nutritious meals and snacks, drink plenty [...]


April is National Oral Health Month!

Let’s be honest… life can be hectic!  While indulging in everyday life, it can be easy to forget about scheduling routine appointments.  Whether it be your eye doctor, your family doctor or your dentist, sometimes these things get away from us.  With Oral Health Month upon us, it’s a good reminder to ask yourself if [...]


Healthy, happy & flexible?

Muscles are really one of the only tissues we can count on long term.  As our bodies age, ligaments undergo stress and deterioration, but, at a moment’s asking, our muscles will build, keeping our joints supported, and our bodies intact.  Regular weight bearing exercise,  and maintaining our flexibility can help improve our longevity, and reduce [...]


Wonders of Essential Oils

Essential Oils are often used in natural medicine, as a holistic approach to health;  simply because we love their aroma, it makes us feel  good. Essential oils are volatile plant liquids extracted through distillation or extraction process. They are extremely concentrated and should not be used directly on the skin unless they are diluted with [...]