What is lurking in your toothpaste?

It is a good idea to check out the ingredients in your toothpaste and even more so if you have young children in your family that may be swallowing as they brush.  Many brands of toothpaste contain toxic ingredients when ingested or absorbed. Although many dentists insist that sodium fluoride is necessary to help prevent [...]


Finding Balance

Summer is officially here.  For at least three solid months, weekends will be jam packed with parties, barbeques, weddings and gatherings of all types with one common denominator – food.  If eating healthy is a priority for you, it does not mean that fun and enjoyment of good food have to go out the window. [...]


Fish Oil & Cardiovascular Disease

Fish Oil & Cardiovascular Disease Last night on the news, it was announced that South Korean published a study that concluded that fish oil (omega 3) has no effect on the prevention of cardiovascular diseases. This study was a meta-analysis, which means that a number of previously conducted studies on fish oil and cardiovascular disease [...]


Your Dirty Bathroom

No, this article is not about fecal matter particles or mold growth in your bathroom. Rather, it is about the toxins hidden in items that we clean and pamper ourselves with. Did you know, that body washing liquids and shampoos we use to clean ourselves contain toxins. The lotions and moisturizers we slather our skin [...]