Fall seems to be the time that we cozy down with our hot drinks and fill the house with the alluring aroma of apple, cinnamon, pumpkin and nutmeg. Sitting by the fire enjoying our treats and wrapping another blanket around us to cover up that muffin top that is slowly oozing over the top of [...]

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Your Dinner Made Healthy In 5 Steps

You think you’re eating healthy meals, but aren’t sure?  If your weight loss has slowed, or even stopped, then there’s a good chance that you haven’t been eating as healthy as you should be. I’m going to end the guesswork for you, once and for all, with my 5 steps to a healthy meal. By [...]

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The Hormonal Effects of Crash Dieting

Let me ask you a couple of questions: Have you ever been on a diet? Have you ever restricted calories in hopes of losing weight? If you have been on a diet before how long does it take you to gain the weight back? Do you find yourself hungrier after a crash diet? Are you [...]


How To Eat Carbs Without Getting Fat (Food Hangover Secrets Included)

Are you experiencing food hangover symptoms? Do you somehow find yourself overdoing it on the BBQ and ice-cream? One of the biggest challenges I deal with as a nutritionist and fat loss expert is the issue fat storage from eating carbohydrates. There is a wide held belief that eating carbs is the WORST thing for [...]

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7 Stay Slim Strategies

You’ve seen it happen to your friends. Maybe it’s even happened to you. You worked hard to lose the weight and have regained it in half the time it took to lose it. Yes, losing weight is hard. It’s harder to keep the weight off long-term, but maintaining a healthy weight doesn’t have to be [...]


4 Ways to Battle Your Cravings

If there’s one thing that many people struggle with when they’re on their fat loss diet plan its cravings.  In most cases, sticking with a healthy diet really isn’t that difficult, that is, until hunger sets in.  As soon as the hunger demon rears its ugly head however, maintaining your diet seems to fly right [...]


How to create your own running program.

So you want to run (and I love running), but like most new runners you wonder where to get started. The first place to start is with a great pair of shoes purchased from a running store. Don’t drag those cross trainers out of your closet. If you are a woman I would also highly [...]


Swing into Spring with Kettlebells

The latest craze is Kettlebells. All over North America, competitions are blooming and people are swinging like crazy. Swinging off major pounds, toning their body and getting super fit with a fun effective workout that costs little but gives you maximum results. Kettlebells are popular for a variety of reasons; • They combine a cardio [...]

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The Shocking Truth about Restaurant Food

There’s no questioning the fact that the foods you eat go far in determining how quickly you’ll meet your fat loss goals. And if you’re eating a number of your meals out at restaurants then you’re going to want to keep reading because the average restaurant meal contains more than 1,200 calories. Most people have [...]

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5 Habits for Consistent & Lasting Fat Loss

There is so much diet and weight loss advice out there. It’s overwhelming and conflicting. Losing fat to improve your health should feel like a life sentence. Implement these 5 habits…one at a time so you can consistently lose fat, feel happy, content and not always be obsessing about food and your next meal.  Habit [...]