Clear Out The Old and Renew Your Spirit and Home

Welcome to 2013! I hope that you and your family had a wonderful Christmas and special New Year.  With the new year comes an opportunity to clear out the old and renew your spirit and home.  I wanted to share some great links below that provide lots of great ideas on how you can organize your life, decorate on a budget ( especially after the expense of the holidays ) and many household tips that save you time and money.
If you are like me, each year right after the holidays, I get re-energized and want to declutter, edit and organize my home and parts of my life. It is so amazing at how much better I feel and have a fresh, new outlook on the year ahead.  I know it can be overwhelming – try to take one room at a time – select a closet or small room first and complete that room and hopefully you will have the drive and energy to keep going!  Have a collection of items, furniture or clothing leftover? Why not donate it to a local shelter, Salvation Army or Re-Store?

The philosophy of Staging looks at your entire room, what do you not need anymore – what can you remove or even move around.  The simple act of editing a few things or moving some furniture around can really change the feel and look of your room.  Why not give it a try? You have nothing to loose and everything to gain.

Here are some photos of some rooms that I staged.  The common denominator in all the photos is clean, edited, yet still capturing a welcoming and warm atmopshere.

I hope that they inspire you!  If you find that you need some assistance, I’d love to come by and help.

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