Climate Change

A major challenge for the Insurance Industry as a whole is how we will deal with the issue of climate change.  It has become apparent that this is not going away.   This is no longer an opinion, it is now a fact, and as an industry we need to make sure that we are working to prevent losses instead of hoping to avoid them.   This can be done with educating clients and working with them to take precautions to prevent damage from the elements and global warming.  It is about educating the insurance professionals first so that they can, in turn, educate the insured.  There are tools available to brokers to be able to educate their staff and their clients to help to decrease loss frequency and loss severity.  These should be accessed and applied, but it is often overlooked and brokerages just “hope” their clients will not put in claims.  At JWK Insurance we take pride in being able to educate our clients on ways they can reduce their risk and even at time prevent losses all together.   This paired with the education on how to mitigate a loss once it has occurred, saves all homeowners money.

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