Coconut Oil….A Good Saturated Fat?

For many years all saturated fats were considered to be not good for us and we were led to believe that ingestion of all saturated fats would lead to heart disease.  However the most evil fats are the trans-fats; these are unsaturated fats that have been changed into saturated fats by addition of high heat and an addition of hydrogen atoms. Trans-fats can be found in some shortenings, margarines, snack foods and deep fried foods.

Coconut oil also a saturated fat became wrongly included as a bad fat. However to the contrary, this oil has been found to have great health benefits for the heart, brain, skin, immune system and thyroid.  Coconut oil contains lauric acid which gives it anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties. This makes it great for your skin and hair as a moisturizer.  Also because coconut oil is made up of approximately 2/3 medium chain fatty acids, it is easier to digest, stimulates metabolism and is converted into energy in the liver rather than stored as fat.   Because of this property, coconut oil does not produce a sudden raise in insulin, helps in weight loss and gives us energy.  It is a more stable oil than olive oil or other vegetable oils when cooking as it is more resistant to heat damage.

Therefore use coconut for everything….eating, cooking, applying to skin and hair and even baby’s bottom.

The Ninety Ninth Monkey carries Coconut Oil…a very good saturated fat.

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