We all need a hobby. Something to distract us from the day to day grind. Something to enjoy. And there are lots of them out there. Some people collect decorative silver spoons from travels around the world. Others build ships inside bottles. A lot of hobbies can get quite expensive, frequently due to equipment costs, like skiing. Wine making is a hobby too, but unlike most, it will actually save you money, rather than cost you. But besides the financial rewards, wine making can be fun.

When you visit a craft wine making shop you’ll be working with an “expert” in all things wine. They’re working in the business because of their love of wine and enjoy sharing as much information as you’re willing to accept. So it’s a great place and way to increase your knowledge of wine. During the half hour bottling session all your questions can be answered. That’s also your opportunity to taste your finished product, which frequently brings up additional questions.

It’s something you can enjoy with others as well. Many couples come in together and have fun with the whole process. Girlfriends arrange “night outs” bottling their wine and probably sharing some afterwards. Even large groups get the benefit of dividing up the steps involved in bottling, and then dividing up the different varietals that each has put on: a great way to test various types.

Even at home, craft wine makers like to go the extra step and create a display for their efforts. Whether you use store bought wine racks or ones you’ve made yourself, a nice rack filled with bottles can be a great addition to any home. There are also numerous gadgets and decorations that can make the whole wine experience more enjoyable.

You just need to take the first step and the universe (wine) will unfoldĀ as it should!