Dehydration and Heat Stroke


The hot summer days are here and its very important for pet owners to watch for the signs of dehydration and heat stroke in there pets.  Dehydration and heat stroke is a serious emergency and requires immediate treatment.


Excessive panting, increased heart and respiratory rate, drooling , weakness, seizures, diarrhea with blood, vomiting, tongue and mucous membranes may turn bright red, thick saliva, or a temperature of 104 and over.


Move your pet out of the heat and into a cool environment. Give them lots of water.  If its a mild case then your pet should cool down in a matter of minutes . If your pets temperature is 104 or over then you need to begin rapid cooling methods .You can spray them down with a hose or put them in a bathtub/shower. Be sure that the water is cool but not too cold. You can also put cold packs on their groin area which may help them cool down. If the temperature drops below 103 then stop the cooling method and dry your pet off . Continuing the cooling method could cause hypothermia and shock.


Early morning or late night walks, shorter walks during the peak heat times,  water for the dog to drink (global pet foods has a great compact water bottle/bowl that clips onto the leash), whenever  possible try to keep them on leash so they do not push themselves to hard,  forest walks are always a great idea because there is lots of shade.

Keep cool and have a great summer!!

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