Don’t Feed the Fears

“Too many of us are not living our dreams because we are living our fears.” Les Brown

Fear is a very real part of life. It has the ability to debilitate all aspects our lives. Dance is no different. Concentration, control, character and choreography all in one breath.

Being a dancer means letting the inside reveal itself by telling your body to create movements. Movements that are so intricate that the brain struggles to accurately tell the muscles how to perform them. Once the movements are physically accomplished the dancer’s task is to then dance it into a beautiful language that surpasses words. This process leaves a lot of room for self doubt-a close cousin of fear.

Working through self doubt as a young dancer is no simple task. With dance, one day can be brilliant and full of wonderful executions and the next, filled with tears and a sense of failure. Brilliance eventually comes after hours (and more hours) of preparation and practice. Failure comes every time we challenge ourselves to learn something new. Failure and risk become a necessary and vital part of that learning.

There is no instant expert. Studies have revealed one requires at least 10,000 hours to become a master. “Psychologist John Hayes looked at seventy-six famous classical composers and found that, in almost every case, those composers did not create their greatest work until they had been composing for at least ten years.” Surely, there was a lot of failure during those ten years.

So go ahead, fail. But don’t feed the fear of it. Continue living out the dream of sharing a language that transcends words

Brought to you by: Petrina Bainard, Prima Dance Academy, Studio# 905.425.2828