Dryer Toxins

If Mother Nature wore clothes……

We at The Ninety Ninth Monkey believe that the best way to dry clothes is on a line outdoors in the sun.  However our life styles, where we live, and the weather often prohibit people from using the most natural and efficient means.  But when we decide to use the dryer, we must realize that dryer sheets with artificial fragrances and fabric softeners contain many carcinogenic and toxic chemicals such as acetaldehyde, benzene and acetone.  “‘Fabric softeners contain ammonium compounds which release formaldehyde” and this is one of many chemicals dispersed into the atmosphere from the dryer vent. In order to reduce static, the sheets “work by leaving a residue on fabric that never completely comes out” and this clings against our skin for many hours as we wear our clothes.

On a rainy day or when outdoor sunshine drying isn’t an option and you need softeners or anti-cling products, The Ninety Ninth Monkey suggests PVC free dryer balls, reusable dryer sheets and natural fragrances from essential oils.

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