Five emotional mistakes home buyers often make

The Emotional Buyer – Keep your emotions under control.

1. Love Hurts – Falling in love with a home. A buyer has to reconcile dreams with realities. It’s often difficult to look at the pros and cons of a home rationally if you let yourself become too emotional about a particular property.

2. Keep Control – Don’t let yourself be swayed or sidetracked by an assertive agent or by undue advice from family or friends (they don’t have to live there, you do)

3. Decisions, Decisions – Not being able to make a decision. If you can’t decide about anything from budgets to what kind of house you want then maybe you aren’t ready to commit to home ownership. Take the time you need to make a sound decision.

4. What are you getting into? – Not realizing the responsibilities of home ownership. It’s great to own your own home, but it takes time and commitment to maintain this large investment. Make sure you are prepared.

5. Is it the right time? – Buying before you are ready. Examine your motives for thinking you should take this giant step, looking at what it will mean to your lifestyle and budget. Talk it over with your financial advisor, your real estate agent and your mortgage professional.Remember that most home buyers feel the same trepidation as you and are happily taking on their exciting new challenge.

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