Florist is short for Flower Therapist!

Science has confirmed what florists already knew – flowers make people feel good. Seems obvious, right? But beyond the instant feeling of happiness after receiving flowers (no matter the age group) there is a lasting sense of contentment & life satisfaction along with closer ties to family & friends according to a study by Jeannette Havailland-Jones at Rutgers University.

Both the recipient & the giver benefit – gratitude & generousity generate positive feelings, which in turn can lead to better health, happiness & “human connectivity.”

As a further benefit for the gift-giver – people who send flowers as gifts are perceived to be successful, caring & emotionally intelligent, more so than givers of other gifts. (Hey, we already knew this about our customers
at Brooklin Floral & Garden Shoppe!) Flowers are an appropriate gift for virtually every occasion & the specific
flowers and the colour of those flowers can convey meanings & feelings to the recipient. For example – a soft pastel pallette gives a sense of comfort, perfect for a sympathy gift to the home, while a vase filled with red roses instantly says love & romance. So, not only can we change a person’s thoughts about us by giving the gift of flowers, we can evoke a certain feeling by the flowers we choose. Talk about flower power!

Thanks to many recent studies we now know that happy employees = increased productivity. Well, not only can flowers make employees happier at work, they can increase employee creativity. In another study, Texas A&M University found that participants “demonstrated more innovative thinking, generating more ideas & original solutions to problems in the office
environment that included flowers & plants.”

Instead of looking at the purchase of flowers as a luxury, think of the chain of benefits – the florist feels good while designing a unique arrangement or bouquet for your needs, you feel great choosing the perfect flowers to give to someone special, the recipient feels happy & grateful when they are delivered to their workplace, he/she then shows it off to their co-workers who in turn are creatively recharged & all these people think better of you for sending such a thoughtful gift! Who knew just how powerful the gift of flowers could be? The florists at Brooklin Floral & Garden Shoppe of course!

So, stop into the shop “just for the smell of it” or pick up a bouquet for yourself or for giving & make everyone feel good. You can visit our website at to browse our gorgeous designs (although we can’t be sure if just looking at flowers will make you feel better – no study on that yet!) or call us about our seasonal workshops. Creating your own floral design is guaranteed to make you feel good.

* An Environmental Approach to Positive Emotion: Flowers
Jeanette Haviland-Jones, Department of Psychology, Rutgers – The State
University of New Jersey

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