“There are short-cuts to happiness, and dancing is one of them.”

Vicki Baum, one of the first modern bestselling authors, most famous for her 1929 novel Menschen im Hotel which was made into an Academy Award winning film, Grand Hotel.


Finally scientists and psychologists are singing a new tune or rather an old tune that has been reinvented, reanalyzed and researched.  Happiness and wellness are the two main necessary tools to prevent illness.  Researchers have concluded that our genes influence about 50% of the variation in our personal happiness, our circumstances such as like income and environment affect only about 10% but as much as 40% of our happiness revolves around the conscious choices we make. We can choose to be happier.

Life and life’s adventures can be stressful. Dancing can be a great way to reduce stress and feel happy immediately. For thousands of years we have danced for culture, community, and to communicate emotions. Dancing is great exercise as it can burn as many calories as riding a bike or swimming. It can also increase energy levels and strength as well as your body’s coordination and muscle tone. While reducing stress and exercising, dance also helps us become more comfortable in our own skin and express our individualism. While we are reducing stress, we can also be building confidence and self-image. Having a more positive self-perception will reduce stress in the future and make you happier overall helping you accomplish goals that you set out to achieve.

Dance is a social, interactive, fun activity that has significant physical and mental health benefits.  Dance has been used for expression, story telling, the marking of occasions and as a form of celebration throughout the ages. Many would agree that because of the way in which we use it, dance can make us happy.

Dance can change the way we feel in many ways, whether we are partaking ourselves or watching others do so. It can be an emotive experience to watch, it can lift our spirits to participate. It can be done in a group, a partnership or on one’s own and it can be done by all ages.  In the last century the recognition of the power that dance has over our feelings and emotions has led to the development of dance therapy. Dance and movement therapy was employed as part of a rehabilitation program for some of the children affected by Haiti’s 2010 earthquake.

So scientists have proven that dance has remedial and therapeutic qualities, but does it bring about happiness? Most people would agree that the improvement and even restoration of health brings about a happier state.  So, go ahead. Move.  Sway, jump, leap, twirl, tango, waltz, swing, tap……dance your way to happiness, fitness and mental wellness.

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