Healthy Oils to Cook With

I’ve been using organic, virgin, coconut oil for a few years now and love it for frying, sautéing, baking etc. It can withstand a higher heat and not oxidize. I also love coconut oil as a butter; I  add it to my smoothie and also apply it to my skin as a moisturizer……also great for dry hair. Years ago I used olive oil in cooking but olive oil does not withstand high heats before breaking down into bad radicals. Yet olive oil is great for our hearts when it is not heated. Avoid vegetable oils such as corn and canola or cottonseed oils. They are not healthy oils and more than likely are genetically modified (GMO)

I came across this great article “What’s The Best Oil To Cook With?” It has a lot of simple yet informative easy facts. Check it out at  .

Healthy fats are essential for our good health.

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