Home Based Business Insurance – What is Required?

I would highly recommend that someone who runs a business out of their home contact a local insurance broker to determine all of their insurance needs. There are a wide variety of home based businesses and a wide variety of insurance exposures to be considered. Registered insurance brokers have the knowledge and training to assess the risks to your business and make the appropriate recommendations for coverage.

All too often clients believe they either do not need insurance, or have coverage through their homeowners insurance. Nothing can be further from the truth. If you own a business, an insurance broker will show you why you need coverage and never assume you have coverage without first checking with your home insurance provider. It is highly possible that your home based business could void your home insurance policy.

There are many coverages that a home based business may need to consider such as commercial general liability, product liability & business interruption coverage. Home based business owners should contact an insurance broker and have a risk assessment done so that proper recommendations should be made.

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