Keeping Kids Healthy with Homeopathy

Kids get sick. Illness is part of a normal, healthy childhood! How we support children through sickness can enhance their growing immune systems. Good, strong bodies develop with the ‘flexing’ of immune system ‘muscles’ and homeopathy supports this process beautifully.

We do our best to ensure our children get nutritious meals and snacks, drink plenty of water, get the rest they need and provide opportunities to express themselves through sport or creative endeavours. When they get challenged with a cold, cough, fever or injury, consider using homeopathy to help restore them to health.

Homeopathy is a safe, effective and side-effect free way to bring balance to the body. Homeopathic remedies are prepared from natural sources and are selected based on the physical, mental and emotional symptoms the patient is showing. Tuning into early signs of illness can guide the prescriber in their remedy choice. For example, noticing crankiness, tearfulness or an unusually quiet child, can be keys to finding the right remedy. Specific physical symptoms such as changes in body temperature, sleep patterns, thirst and appetite are paired with alterations in mood, outlook and behaviour. Your homeopath can even provide you with a first aid kit to have at home to easily treat acute illness. Using the right remedy you can treat your child’s discomfort while supporting the natural immune response to do the work of healing their little bodies. Children are very resilient and should bounce back quickly from colds and viruses.

If you find acute illness lingering, your child suffering from one cold after another, or have concerns that your child is not at their best, there is something more that homeopathy can do. Homeopathy has the potential to resolve deeper issues and cure chronic illness. If there is a predisposition to allergies, recurrent headaches, digestive problems, struggles with focus, behaviour, fears…shifting all of this is possible.

The first visit with a homeopath is often two hours in length. An in depth health history is collected along with details about their physical complaints and how they respond to stress, conflict or challenges. Your child will receive a remedy that is the best fit for all of their symptoms, not just the physical problem at hand.  For example, five different kids suffering with eczema would certainly receive a different prescription. This concept of individualization is one of the key concepts of homeopathy and sets it apart from other medical approaches.

Parents are amazed with the results of this gentle approach. As a homeopath I find it so rewarding to help free kids from illness and enjoy their very best childhood. As a mother of three girls, I am grateful to have homeopathy in our corner to move us gracefully and swiftly through any health challenges we face!

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