Looking for a new Dentist? What you should look for!

The new-year has arrived and many of us have made resolutions for 2013!  For some of us, change has already happened.  A new child, an upcoming marriage, a new home, the list goes on!  Brooklin is a young community and finding a new dentist for you and/or your family can feel overwhelming.  We’ve compiled a list of suggestions to help.


  1.  Ask around!  Often friends, neighbors and co-workers have found a doctor in your area that they are confident in.


  1. If you’ve moved, ask your current dentist for any recommendations he or she may have.  If your current dentist is unfamiliar with the area, try contacting the Ontario Dental Association via their website www.youroralhealth.ca and select the “find a dentist” tab.


  1. Look for a convenient location.  If the location is closer to your work or home, it will be easier for you to attend your appointments and commit to the wellness of your oral health.


  1. Visiting in-office to decide?  Observe the office and staff.  Is the practice clean?  Is the staff friendly and willing to answer your questions?  Are the practicing staff wearing surgical gloves and masks?


  1. Inquire!  What is the office policy on payment?  Do they accept insurance plans or government assisted plans for low income families in your community?


Whichever office you choose they should be providing you with the upmost comfort you deserve!  At Dr. Snider’s office we believe in supporting our community and we DO accept government assisted plans.  Check us out today!

Happy Hunting!

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