Love Your Home Again

Love Your Home Again……….a fabulous service that can help you love your home again!

Does your home need some updating? Are you bored of your paint colours? Not sure where to place your furniture? Tired of looking at your room(s) and knowing that something isn’t right? Changes happening in your family that affect your home? “Love Your Home Again” helps you with all of your decorating dilemmas by coming in with “fresh eyes” & “inspiration”.

During your consultation we sit down & get a sense of what your dilemmas are. We then tour your home , top to bottom to survey what pieces you have. Then the fun stuff starts! This interactive session takes aim at creating your rooms – the way you want them to look. We actually move furniture, artwork, accessories – similiar to a staging session – this time you are creating your home the way you want it to be, not selling your home. Now that your pieces are in place where you want them to be – we can then compliment with paint colours if needed, accessories, window treatments etc.

You will be amazed at how your home will transform before your eyes and wonder why you didn’t do this before!

After your Love Your Home Again session – you will absolutely……………. Love Your Home Again!

This is where the photos of the kitchen should go pls thanks

Here is an example of a kitchen that we transformed with paint – what a difference it made to the clients perception of their home – it was a huge change, didn’t cost alot and now they are loving their home again!




























Your new home awaits,

Room for Change partners with Lorna Weston Smyth of Specialty Paint Finishes for transformations suchs as this one.

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