Massage, Think of it as "body oil change"

Uh oh! The car is close to its kilometer limit!  Better get an oil change!  Fearing our cars may break down, keeps us maintaining its good health by getting regular oil changes, or taking it to the mechanic when something doesn’t ‘sound right’.   But what about our bodies?  Constant stress and everyday wear and tear adds up with each kilometer we put on our bodies.  The stress hormone cortisol, leaves us at risk for high blood pressure, weight gain, decreased immunity, and has many more side effects that compromise our health.  Life is not likely to slow down, so what can we do to combat stress?  Massage therapy is one way to decrease stress and flush out the toxins that remain in the body as an aftereffect.  Cardiovascular exercise and massage have similar effects of pushing blood through the muscles, making them healthier.  Think of it as a ‘body oil change’, and as you continue to put kilometers on your body, listen to it!

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