The hot summer days have arrived and as we all know our four legged friends love to come along for the car rides, however dogs and hot cars DO NOT mix. Please do your dog a favor and never leave them in the vehicle unattended, even if only for a couple of minutes.

Simply leaving the windows down while you are not in the vehicle is not enough on those hot summer days. Dogs do not sweat like we do, a dogs way of cooling down is to pant. If the air they are breathing in is too hot it will have a negative affect and the dog will over heat.

Studies show that the temperature inside a parked vehicle with the engine off will approximately rise:

19 degrees in 10 min

29 degrees in 20 min

34 degrees in 30 min

43 degrees in 60 min

In a matter of just MINUTES a dog can be overcome by the heat and may cause dehydration, brain damage or even death. Please be a responsible pet owner and NEVER leave your four legged friend in a hot car.

Keep COOL and have a great summer!!

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