Mutt Strut

Provides professional dog walking and pet sitting in Brooklin and North Whitby . We have been proudly serving the community since 2006. We are insured and bonded and hold diplomas in pet first aid, dog aggression, dog behaviour and much more.

We offer a variety of services,

The Group Walk” is a 1 hour long adventure walk on private trails though the woods.  This is a great walk for the  dogs that are well socialized with other dogs. This one is guaranteed to give your four legged friend a real adventure.

The Private Walk“ is a 30-45 minute walk. This is a great service for the dogs that want us all to themselves.

The Potty Break”  is a quick little backyard break. This is a great service for older dogs that just need that quick relief.

The Puppy Visit” is a 30 minute visit for pups, it includes a miniature walk around the block, backyard play and lots  of love and belly rubs.

To Contact Mutt Strut visit, send an email or call anytime.

Janelle Bolland,
Owner and Pack Leader
Phone: 905-903-1658


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