My bite feels off after my filling – What do I do?

Commonly when a restoration (also known as a filling) has been completed, we will often ask our patient if the bite feels correct.  As the patient’s tooth and surrounding area is usually numb, it can be difficult to be certain if the bite feels natural to them.  As a result, most patients find it easier to judge once anesthesia has worn off.

 Although the majority of patients have a successful bite after restoration, we do have the occasional patient who may have concerns of a high bite.  This is important.  Leaving a high or inaccurate bite can result in patient discomfort including filling or tooth fracture.

If you go to your dentist for a filling and find your teeth are no longer meeting properly thereafter, give your dental provider a call for a quick adjustment.  It’s a short appointment that does not require freezing, enabling you to provide your dentist with instant feedback and immediate relief.

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