Oil Of Oregano

Oil of Oregano is a potent herb loaded with medicinal properties. It is widely known for preventing or healing colds and flus;  it acts to loosen and calm coughs as well as combats the germ that caused the sickness.   Viruses, bacteria , fungi, parasites and protozoa are destroyed by Oil of Oregano. In addition this herb has the many other health benefits such as being anti-imflammatory, pain-killing, anti-oxidant etc. From respiratory infections to wounds to lice to arthritis, oil or oregano comes to the rescue, and it works as a preventative also….even aids in pet care.

The Ninety Ninth Monkey  has a free copy of the book, “Your Guide to Oil of Oregano” written by Tracey Gibbs, with every purchase of a Joy of the Mountains Oil of Oregano product (including Oregapet). In simple terms the book educates us in the benefits and application of this potent herb. www.joyofthemountains.com

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