on being adaptable










its safe to say from day to day we live our life in three worlds:  yesterday, today and tomorrow. All three equally important, but only one of them we can change. Where we stand right now.

Being adaptable:  able to change or be changed in order to fit or work better in some situation or for some purpose (Merriam-Webster). Dance forces one to be adaptable-physically and mentally-to one’s abilities, movements, choreography, distractions…the list is endless. “Dancers, like all performing artists, like nothing better than to be challenged.” (Karen Kain)

Where we stand right now. Whether we wear pointe shoes or Converse runners, we have the ability to adapt. Find your change and make it happen.


Brought to you by: Petrina Bainard, Prima Dance Academy, Studio# 905.425.2828 www.primadanceacademy.ca