You have probably heard the expression once or twice before: “I’ve hit a plateau”… but what does “hitting a plateau” really mean? Well basically it means when you start exercising or start a new activity; at first, it is challenging for your body , meaning that you are increasing your fitness, endurance, strength but eventually this curve levels off until you introduce another challenge and then the whole cycle repeats itself.

Now that you might be acquainted with this term, how does one break through the dreaded plateau?  Here are some great ways to get results:

Renew Your Motivation:

When you reach a weight loss plateau, you may become discouraged and undo some of the results you’ve achieved.  It’s time to sit down and write out your plans and goals for achieving your target weight.  If you’ve got your old measurements handy try a comparison.  Nothing is more motivating then seeing how far you’ve come and a plan for new activities/workouts.

Step up the intensity:

Your body can become accustomed to doing the same exercises on a daily basis.  This means you need to design a more challenging routine to shock your body into restarting the weight loss process.

Re-evaluate Your Diet:

Are you restricting calories excessively?  If your caloric intake is below 1200 calories a day, you may be sending your body into starvation mode.  You may need to eat more food for a short period of time to encourage your metabolism to operate at a higher rate.  The timing of your meals will be important if you want to jump start your metabolism.  Instead of eating three square meals a day, eat 5-6 smaller meals that are high in protein.  It may also help to zigzag your calorie intake so that instead of eating 1800 calories each day, you consume 1400 calories one day and 2200 calories the following day.  This can be a clever way to food your metabolism into working harder.

Back to Basics:

It’s important to make sure you’re not cheating on your original diet plan.  Keeping a food diary for a week or two and measuring out your portions will help keep a check on calorie/portion creep.  Over time we all get confident, perhaps too confident with our ability to eyeball our food.  Make sure you account for every nibble and bite because they do add up.  If your calorie intake is out of the range for weight loss then make appropriate adjustments to get you back in the deficit range.

Need Direction?

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