Skyview Electronics

Skyview Electronics is a family run business that has been serving Brooklin and the surrounding area for over 28 years.  Skyview prides its self on it’s no pressure sales and friendly, knowledgeable service.


Computer Sales and Repairs

Have a virus and afraid to lose your data?  No Problem!  We have a virus expert with years of experience cleaning out even the most evasive virus, while leaving your data intact!  Remember you don’t have to wipe a computer to completely eliminate a virus!


Computer getting really hot or overheating?  A hot or overheating computer is constantly doing damage to its internal parts! We offer cleaning both inside and out to help your computer run faster and cooler extending the life of your computer.


Computer running slow?  Find out if it’s worth fixing or if it should be replaced! We offer free diagnosis and estimates.


Need a new computer?  We sell new, recertified and used computers.  We also custom build computers to meet your requirements.  Come ask about our new gaming machine options!


If you need any cables or adaptors for your computer, come to Skyview, if we don’t have what you need, we can find it!


Looking for service in your home or business?  Skyview makes housecalls!!  We can trouble shoot networking and computer issues without you having to lug your computer all the way into our store!


Skyview Security Solutions

Video Surveillance has become the best way to deter or capture criminal activities.  Police are often unable to press charges without video proof of the crime. We offer camera security systems to fit any budget, with no monthly fees! We can install many options like:

  • Record only on motion or all the time
  • Remotely log in to see your property on your smart phone or computer.
  • Have your system send your cell phone alerts.
  • See who’s at the door without answering and know who’s been there while you were away!
  • Be alerted if someone is coming down your driveway.
  • Many camera options to suit your indoor or outdoor needs including night vision.
  • Choose your Hard Drive Size.

Let Skyview’s experienced team evaluate your home or office and recommend the best security system to protect your property.  We have had great success with our systems providing the police with the evidence needed to make a successful prosecution!  Installing a camera system can often lower your insurance premiums as well!


We also sell spy and covert devices to help you catch a thief, such as spy pens, spy clocks or mini cameras perfect to hide inside a common everyday item.


We give free estimates!  Call us today for more information or to make an appointment.


Skyview Cell Phone, and Internet Hub / Stick Boosters

Do you find that your Cellphone, Internet Hub or Internet Stick isn’t getting a good signal?  Are you having trouble with dropped calls or slow internet speeds?  We can help by installing a cell phone boosting system that will boost and increase signal strength to previously dead zones in your home or business.


Imagine watching HD TV for FREE every month!

Now is a great time to lower your monthly bills with an HDTV Antenna.  We install and service all makes an models of TV Antennas and we can help you optimize your signal to increase the number of channels you receive. Let our experienced team walk you through the process and help you decide on the best antenna for your location and install your antenna in a place that will bring you the most channels.

Remember to come to Skyview before you head to the big box stores.  Skyview can give you service that impersonal big box stores can’t!

Contact us at:  Local: 905-655-3661 or Toll-Free: 800-903-8777.  Visit our website,  

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