Staging Your Home - What is it & What do you have to do?

Staging is a manner of presenting a home for sale so that it will appeal to the broadest buying audience “setting the stage” so that when the ready, willing & able buyer walks through the door they are hooked! This process works regardless of price, condition or location of a home. Most buyers will develop an opinion about a house within the first 60 seconds….that really does not give you a lot of time to get your message across quickly.

How can “Room for Change” help you?

I address the clutter, décor & personalized items working together with you to edit and re-merchandise your home. I have an objective outlook on your home and we change the perception of your home with my staging skills.

 My philosophy is simple – there are no additional costs to you – no rental of furniture, purchasing of accessories – we only use what you currently have in your home.

It is proven that staged homes make for more attractive photos for marketing, enhancing the features of your home, increasing the value through the buyers eyes. A “Designed to Sell” staged home give your home a competitve edge to your marketing plan.

(please place the before and after dining room in this area thanks)

Differences in Decorating & Staging

Decorating and Staging are at odds and at different parts of the spectrum. Decorating is personal, reflecting your own style and taste. Decorating is functional and practical for your family’s everyday living.

Staging is impersonal, objective requiring a trained eye to help the seller see past the memories and refresh the home so a potential buyer doesn’t feel like a guest, rather they imagine themselves living in the home.

Benefits of Staging – Why Hire Room for Change?

The “’Designed to Sell” proven program utilizes the homeowners own furniture, accessories and with my staging skill and talent we re-merchandise the home to it’s best advantage, spending no money in the process – Making a dramatic impact offering a simple, inexpensive way to bring your house up to date and look it’s best.

Two important aspects of staging are: 1) creating the illusion of space – less is more and 2) neutralization of your home. Both these aspects work together to please all the senses for potential buyers. While at the same time give you a great head start on packing!


I’d be pleased to answer any questions that you may have about why you should stage your home prior to listing it.  Please feel free to contact me for more details.

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