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The Gift of Potential | At Home in Brooklin Ontario

The Gift of Potential



Recently we watched the documentary Searching for Sugarman (watch the trailer link here, even better is the whole movie on Netflix). It left us in awe of the potential that every person has to create something great, whether one is noted for their accomplishments or not.

Contrary to common belief, creativity is one of those abilities that we all possess. We all have a right side to our brain.


Shakespeare wrote “all the world’s a stage”. Translated loosely it compares “the world to a stage and life to a play” from infancy to retirement of the soul. We are all born to create something magnificent. We see this beauty everyday at the studio. Children who think with colour, process with movement and make music with their limbs. Their creations may or may not hit a “popular” stage, but they are pioneers of art-bravely creating new connections between their mind, heart and body.

Maybe we should all search for the sweetness that rests in our brain’s right side. Create something that you can claim as your masterpiece-even if no one else notices. It leaves a legacy regardless. The finished project is a reflection of the journey, the journey being the living out of your potential.

May your New Year be full of potential.

Brought to you by: Petrina Bainard, Prima Dance Academy, Studio# 905.425.2828 www.primadanceacademy.ca