The Litterless Lunch Solution at The Ninety Ninth Monkey

As August and September approach, parents are faced with choices for lunch containers, boxes, bags and water bottles. There are many options for containers: one piece containers have numerous individual units and these eliminate all the various individual containers with matching lids that often get lost. Examples of these are the Go Green Lunch Box, Goodbyn, Bynto.

There are many choices for individual containers, some of which have dividers, some are thermal, some are leak proof and some are easier to open than others….especially for little hands. They can be made from stainless steel, glass and BPA free plastics such as Kids Konserve, LunchBots, Steeltainer, Sanctus Mundo, Greentainer, Ecolunch Box, Wean Green, Innobaby containers.

To replace the plastic baggies there are now many re-usable bags with BPA free linings with Velcro or zipper closures. They can be easily wiped out or quickly washed in the sink with dish soap, rinsed and let dry for the next day. There are many decorative designs that appeal to different ages. Examples are the KeepLeaf, Itzy Rtitzy, and Sling Sisters reusable snack bags. WrapnMat makes a reusable wrap for sandwiches, bagels, snacks, etc that unfolds into a neat mat for the school or work desk.

Water bottles come in a million shapes, colours and sizes but take caution if you buy stainless steel that it is of a good food grade from a reliable company or the water may have a metal taste. KLean Kanteen makes good water bottles in various sizes and they also make an excellent thermal one as does Thinksport.  Although light weight I would avoid aluminum bottles. Lifefactory makes a conveniently silicone sleeved glass water bottle that adds some protection from breakage but they still better suited for older students. All plastic ones should be definitely BPA  free, avoiding #7 plastics.

Nutrition for Your Condition makes a unique “brown bag” lunch bag with multi zippered compartments for containers, some insulating. Dabbawalla and Built make colourful lunch bags from neoprene which offers insulation but Moms love them because they are totally washable. Beatrix NY and So Young Mother also make lunch boxes, coolers and back-packs that are lead, PVC, pthalate and BPA free that have exciting, colourful and retro picture fronts. Packit has a unique lunch bag that folds up to put into the freezer and then open up so the frozen gel can act as a cooler for many hours in the lunch bag.

Remember, however the most important thing is to pack a nutritious lunch avoiding over-processed foods and sugary snacks. Lots of veggies!!!!

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