The Numbers Speak The Truth. Your Mouth Can Hide A Secret!!!

In 2010, The Canadian Cancer Society estimated that 3,400 new cases of oral cancer were diagnosed in Canada.  It is also estimated that 1,150 of those Canadians diagnosed in 2010 will die from the disease.*

This potentially fatal disease has a greater mortality rate than both breast cancer and prostate cancer.  However, oral cancer can be successfully treated if caught in the early stage.

At Drs. Snider & Margolian Dentistry, we can help play a vital role in the in early detection of oral cancer.  Our office now offers an enhanced oral assessment utilizing the VELscope.  This non-invasive, effective and quick exam helps with early discovery of oral mucosal abnormalities, including oral cancer.

You’ve seen the VELscope on the popular TV show “Dr. Oz”, but why not come and see it in person for your exam?  Call our office today to book your appointment!

Still not clear on what the VELscope exactly does?  Visit our Brooklin dentists’ webpage at

Reference:  *Canadian Cancer Statistics 2010. Toronto: Canadian Cancer Society.

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