Unusual Alternative Remedies for Pain…..Jewellery

From joint pain, arthritis to baby teething pains, we are always searching for a means to alleviate our hurts without horrible side effects. Two of these natural pain remedies are baltic amber and hazel wood that through centuries have been acknowledged as having healing properties.

Even from ancient times, going back to the times of Hippocrates (460-377 BC) Baltic amber was recognised as having medicinal properties. It is a fossilized tree resin that contains Succinic Acid which is believed to be a natural analgesic and healing agent. As the amber is warmed against the skin the succinic acid is absorbed through the skin.  Amber bracelets and necklaces are made for babies(teething pain) and adults(arthritic pains). Some even believe that the succinic acid improves balance and energy flow.

Hazel wood is also a popular alternative to aid in teething pains, diaper rashes and eczemas. The Hazel wood trees are indigenous in regions of Quebec where the First Nations people discovered the healing properties of the hazel wood itself. (Aborigines of Australia also use Hazel wood therapeutically.) Hazel wood works by creating an alkaline environment in your body; because the wood is alkaline it absorbs the acidity in your body as it lies against the skin….. Being too acidic causes health problems.

Therefore sometimes simple solutions like wearing jewellery made from amber and/or hazel wood can be helpful in some everyday ailments.  These necklaces, bracelets, anklets etc are not only attractive but offer healing benefits.

The Ninety Ninth Monkey offers both amber and hazel wood jewellery.

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