What’s in Your Salt Shaker?

Regular white table salt is usually 97.5% sodium chloride and 2.5% chemical additives such as anti-caking compounds, dextrose, moisture absorbents and iodine. This salt is dried at extremely high temperatures.

Using Himalayan Salt or Sea Salt is a better option. I tend to use Himalayan Salt over Sea Salt because the ocean source of sea salts could be polluted with toxins from oil spills, refineries etc.

Himalayan rock salt is pure, not heated or refined and is 85% sodium chloride. The remaining 15% is composed of trace elements/minerals; it contains all 84 elements found in the human body and is healthy for us to ingest.  It greatly improves the taste of food naturally. Note that iodine is low in this type of salt and must be obtained from other food sources.

Himalayan Salt also comes in form of bath salts….great for soaking in, drawing out toxins and relaxing in.  Himalayan Rock Salt lamps when emitting negative ions have the ability to cleanse air and have a positive effect on our mental state.

Himalayan Rock Salt is a great alternative to replace your conventional white salt.

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