Why Go Custom?

Why Custom? 

Brooklin is growing fast – which means there are plenty of new homes with lots of young families moving in.  This is a wonderful environment to raise your family!  Gum Tree Cabinets have completed many custom projects in the gorgeous homes here in Brooklin.  What most of these new homes have are rooms that require storage.  Young families = lots of stuff! From games and toys to clothes and food storage – these homes need solutions!  Families need solutions that make sense, that grow as the family grows and that not only add to the beauty of your home but increase the value as well!  Let us take for example the family room.  Many homes in Brooklin have a lovely gas fireplace in their family room with nothing but blank walls on either side (and often pesky windows to boot). Families want to mount their TV’s above the fireplace, store the toys, display decorative items and memorabilia – but how? It’s time to considered custom!

Why custom you ask?  Why pay more then picking up a prefabricated unit at Sears or IKEA?  It’s simple – you get what you pay for.  This is not to say that for stand alone items a unit from a box store can be more then effective and definitely less expensive then a custom piece.  However, when you are trying to add storage to a fixed space you need custom cabinets.  Some things to consider when trying to determine a solution for your space:

Are the walls square? If they aren’t (and a surprising number are not) you may find it difficult to place a prefabricated storage unit in the space without seeing unsightly gaps between your unit and the walls.  

Are there any vents, switches, electrical outlets etc where you plan on placing your cabinet?

Are there any windows on the wall or the adjacent walls? Can you find a prefabricated cabinet with the right dimensions to work around the windows?

Can you find a prefabricated cabinet that meets all your needs?  Perhaps you want to fit your TV components on one side of the fireplace but have drawers on the other side.  What about the shelving? Adjustable, fixed? Does the prefabricated cabinet provide what you want? What if you have a very Significant item you would like to display but the dimensions are not standard.

Can you find a prefabricated cabinet in the right colour, with the right door style to match your other cabinets?

The list goes on and on.  It is essential that you recognize how important this list is and how only a custom cabinet can meet your every need. If you want it to add value, if you want cabinets that fit perfectly in the space, function exactly how you want them to and have been built for your home alone – go custom and call Gum Tree Cabinets today for your free consultation – 289-200-2060 or check us out at www.gumtreecabinets.com and  www.facebook.com/GumTreeCabinets!


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