Why I Love Living in Brooklin!

Having moved from Markham, which was awesome in it’s own right, i found brooklin to have a real sense of community. Where Markham/York Region is ever changing, Brooklin is starting out and growing.  Brooklin is a new community full of exciting things to see and do. From a Run Club that will support the first time runner, right up to the Marathon racers to all the cool Naturopath/Homeopathy/ Green Living stores and businesses. Brooklin is vibrant and full of life. Brooklinites seem to be all about health, fitness and personal well being. I enjoy waking up in the morning and knowing i live in a community that has a true sense of community, a sense of community that is ever exploring what that means and what that is, a sense of community that sees home businesses being as successful, if not more successful, than big box chain store. A sense of community where a play date at the park is not just 1 child playing with another, but 20 children all playing together….I love the sense of community that is in Brooklin.