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Why People Love Brooklin | At Home in Brooklin Ontario

Why People Love Brooklin


Why I Love Living in Brooklin!

Having moved from Markham, which was awesome in it’s own right, i found brooklin to have a real sense of community. Where Markham/York Region is ever changing, Brooklin is starting out and growing.  Brooklin is a new community full of exciting things to see and do. From a Run Club that will support the first time runner, right up to the Marathon racers to all the cool Naturopath/Homeopathy/ Green Living stores and businesses. Brooklin is vibrant and full of life. Brooklinites seem to be all about health, fitness and personal well being. I enjoy waking up in the morning and knowing i live in a community that has a true sense of community, a sense of community that is ever exploring what that means and what that is, a sense of community that sees home businesses being as successful, if not more successful, than big box chain store. A sense of community where a play date at the park is not just 1 child playing with another, but 20 children all playing together….I love the sense of community that is in Brooklin.

– jeff

I Love Brooklin!

My husband and I are thrilled to be raising our kids in Brooklin. Even though it is rapidly growing, it still has a small town feeling to it. We love our home, neighbours, parks, new Community Centre and the downtown. We love being close to the city and the country. We love that it is a safe community full of lots of kids. We have met amazing people since we moved to Brooklin 7 years ago and that is really what makes Brooklin so special to us. The downtown Brooklin merchants are amazing and really do their best at meeting your needs. We wouldn’t live anywhere else!

– Angela

Why I Love Brooklin

There is so much about Brooklin that I love, starting with my home, my neighbourhood (and neighbours), my kids school, my kids friends and their parents, our parks, our shops, the fact that people say hello when you pass them on the street and the small town feel of our rapidly growing community. I work in Toronto in a stressful job, when I get in my car my stress slowly drips away the closer I get to Brooklin – I LOVE that!!!!

– Tim

Life in Brooklin

Life in Brooklin is about young families like ourselves. It’s about your kids making friends by walking out the front door. It’s impromptu gatherings of neighbors for drinks, dinner or whatever, wherever you happen to meet up.
Life in Brooklin includes going for walks to Here’s the Scoop on Thursday nights in the summer for some ice cream and Music in The Park. The Brooklin Spring Fair the first weekend in June. Buying your BBQ fixings from Buckingham’s.
Brooklin is the small town close to the big city! It has it’s own culture that is uniquely Brooklin. We wouldn’t want to live anywhere else!

– Catherine

A community for my family

Living so close to the city but still having the taste of the Country is an experience that every family should share with their children. With the richness of neighbouring farming communities to the flavour of city festivals and amenities who wouldn’t want to live here? It is a great feeling knowing that no matter where you are or where you go you can run into someone you or your children know. That sense of community is what Brooklin has to offer and why we call it home.

– Shannon


We have been living in Brooklin for 11 years and could not imagine living anywhere else. Brooklin is a great family town. There is always something to do. It has the best of both worlds, quite family town close to all the aminities you need or want. I feel safe letting my children play on our quite street with other children, or taking them to the park, for a bike ride, or playing street hockey, basketball, or baseball.

– Jennifer

Awesome Community Full of Events

Brooklin provides me with an awesome community full of events, kid friendly streets and great shopping! I love taking my son to the Bakery, going for some Yoga or hanging out in Grass Park. Everything is in walking distance and everyone is pleased to see you…Brooklin is a place “where everybody knows your name….”


Home town feeling for my children...

Brooklin brings a very unique, small-town feeling to the hustle bustle of the GTA. Choosing a place where you want to bring up your children isn’t easy, but Brooklin offers so much recreation, sports, excellent schools, and an overall safe, unified place to live. We love Brooklin and are proud to be Brooklinites!

– Kathryn