Chateau Vezeau Wines

Chateau Vezeau Wines is a family run ferment-on-premises winemaking business, owned by Brooklin residents Ray and Mary Vezeau.  They have been making wine for over 20 years and have the knowledge to help you select the right wine for any occasion.

The process is quite simple and Ray and Mary are there to guide you through each step. 5 minutes to start it and 30 minutes to bottle it. It starts once you’ve selected which wine to make. The ingredients are mixed into a primary pail and the customer tosses the yeast in to get the fermentation started. All the intermediate steps are taken care of and you return in four weeks to bottle the finished wine. At Chateau Vezeau they have all the equipment to make bottling as simple as possible: an electric bottle filler machine, an automatic corker and a shrink capsule heater take the labour out of wine making. They also have peel and stick labels that go on and come off dry, that are printed at bottling time with your name and bottling date on it.

Each batch of wine produces 30 bottles and satisfaction is guaranteed. If you decide you don’t like the wine you’ve chosen you can bring it back and try something else, no questions asked. There are 3 price/quality levels of wine you can make. The 4 week kits make an easy drinking table wine that is ready at bottling time, although they will continue to improve for their 9 to 18 month shelf life. The full-bodied 6 week kits take a little longer to make and really need another 6 weeks in the bottle to mellow before consumption. They can be aged for 2 to 4 years. The cream of the crop is the 8 week kits, which include crushed grape skins. They’ll need several months of aging to enjoy and will produce an outstanding

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Ray and Mary Vezeau

Chateau Vezeau Wines
6 Campbell St., Brooklin ON  L1M 2J6
(905) 655-0707