The Restaurant Leftovers!!!!

It is so nice to go out for a meal to celebrate or to simply have someone else cook. Often our eyes are bigger than our stomachs or portion sizes are too large and we can’t eat what is on our plates. I don’t believe in wasting food because it is a most important essential. And thus out comes the take-out containers, often made from styrofoam.  Labelled an “environmental evil”, styrofoam takes “500 years to dissolve” and has a “low level of recycling patrons”.  Other disposable take-out containers can be made from paper or clear plastics but they also create a negative environmental impact. These take-out containers are also a cost to the restaurant industry which is factored into their prices.

It is a lot better and not so difficult to take your own re-usable container that you can load up the food and bring it home.  Tuck into your purse, in a small bag or simply carry in your hand when going out to a restaurant. Various re-usable leak-proof containers made out of stainless steel, BPA-free plastic or glass are available. At first you may feel silly but if we all did use our own reusable containers at restaurants, we would create a positive environmental impact… is a good feeling!

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