The Ninety Ninth Monkey

The Ninety Ninth Monkey is a retail store that specializes in selling natural & organic items and products that promote the 3 Rs….reduce, recycle and reuse.

We believe that what is healthy for our bodies is also healthy for our planet. Products in the store do not endorse the use of chemicals such as Parabens, Sodium Lauryl Sulphates, Pthalates, Formaldehye, Petroleum, artificial fragrances and colours which are toxic , allergenic and carcinogenic.

The store’s policy opposes herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, defoliants, growth hormones, genetic modification, irradiation, animal cruelty and other known carcinogens. The Ninety Ninth Monkey supports Organic, Natural, Fair Trade, Local and Canadian.

Although the store is small there are many various products that allow people to begin to make a healthy and environmentally conscious choice. From stainless steel containers to personal care for the whole family to cloth diapers, there are cleaner options.

And yes there is a reason for the name, The Ninety Ninth Monkey….check it out on our website

Contact us

The Ninety Ninth Monkey
Barbara Spencer
51 Baldwin Street, Unit#1,
Brooklin, Ontario L1M 1A2

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