Boredom and inconsistent workouts are the number one reasons why your exercise program fails. Keeping active is all about changing it up! Your workouts don’t have to be the same old thing every week in order to be effective

Try to incorporate some of these alternatives into your regular routine to stave off exercise plateaus and boredom:

Cycle Club, get on your bike, get some wind in your hair and meet some new friends!

  • Outdoor Personal Training sessions. A great way to shake up a stagnant workout routine.  You’ll find new uses for park benches!
  • Work out in the park while the kids play (don’t worry about all the jealous stares) monkey bars aren’t just for dangling from your knees, try chin ups or if you prefer to dangle try some crunches.
  • Running, especially with a group is a great way to mix exercise with social.  If you’re motivated to hang out with friends then you may not notice the exertion as much as if you were by yourself listening to the same old tunes.
  • Swimming in the Lake.  This is one of the best ways to tire out large groups of muscles and wake up your whole body and mind.
  • Rollerblading.  Strapping on blades and pads/helmet and taking it to paved trails.  Whitby Waterfront has an amazing paved trail.
  • Hiking at Heber Down.  There is no better way to get back to nature.  This is truly the case of taking the path less traveled and having it be worth the while.
  • Outdoor Core Classes at the studio.  The benefits of a challenging workout, social opportunity and fresh air.  Two thumbs up!


Do one thing this month that is different. Try a fresh idea and see how it goes.  You never know what will “float your boat”.   Trying something new always provides new inspiration, renews our passion for working out, and being the healthy people we are supposed to be. Let me know what you try.  I’ll keep track in the Facebook Group

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